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Energy Compliance Insights
from a Former Regulator




Regulatory advice from the original architect of the AER's Compliance and Enforcement program

Erin Maczuga, our Chief Compliance Officer and Founder, leverages compliance strategically to boost profitability and sustainability. 


With his thorough understanding of how regulatory bodies assess and enforce compliance protocols, he is equipped to support our clients in upholding their reputations.

Supporting Canada's & Alberta's Energy Sector

Helping Canadian energy companies maintain high compliance standards at the provincial and federal level.

A Legal Perspective without Lawyer Rates*

Our company provides expertise in compliance matters without the hefty lawyer fees. We bring a former lawyer's perspective to ensure compliance without breaking the bank.

Trusted Regulatory Advice

Our superior understanding of the provincial and fedaral regulatory framework helps you find quick solutions within changing regulatory environments.

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Upcoming Courses


Regulatory Compliance: How to get it right, the first time.

Make sure your company can thrive and not just survive through the energy evolution.

Last Event: Thursday, April 18th 

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Hosted by Evaluate Energy 

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Oil & Gas

Mandatory Notification Requirements Database

Be Proactive, Preventative, and Protective

Over 500 notification requirements for energy companies, via a searchable web-based platform and the cloud.



Secrets to Success

This playbook contains a wealth of information specific to the unique challenges faced by the energy industry, including articles on regulatory requirements, videos, webinars, best practices, and case studies. 


Jeff Toering

 Former Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) Compliance Manager and Alberta Environment Regional Compliance Manager and Senior Investigator

"Erin demonstrates a high level of dedication and enthusiasm in his work.  


His approach is collaborative as he is an excellent communicator, listener and respectful of different points of view.


Erin has great rapport with people that translates into finding practical solutions and achieving outcomes."

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